Why Japan

Japan is an ideal site for international conferences and destination for incentive tours. With a unique combination of professional support, traditional hospitality, ultra-modern convention facility complexes, advanced infrastructure, safe, clean cities, and a richly varied choice of venues, Japan is highly favored by meeting planners worldwide.

Easy to Access

Japan is one of the main gateways in Asia, we have direct flights to most of the world’s major cities. Japan can often feel closer than many nearer destinations, simply because it’s so quick and easy to get here. Domestic land, sea, and air transportation networks provide smooth and frequent connections to every part of the country, a notable example being the Shinkansen bullet trains, which leave every 3 minutes or so and travel at up to 300 km/h.

One of the safiest countries in the World

Japan is a country where tourist feel safe walking alone anywhere in the cities.  The Japanese are also well known for their love of cleanliness, which has created a society where scrupulous care is paid to hygiene and sanitation in all public facilities. It is this tradition of hygiene that allowed the safe development of unique types of cuisine such as sushi.

Wide Range of Hotel Accommodation

Top class hotels in Japan’s major cities naturally meet the world’s highest standards and they also boast the added attraction of Japan’s renowned traditions of hospitality and service. There is also an extensive choice of reasonably priced hotels providing safe, clean and comfortable accommodation. And then there are the famous Japanese inns or ryokan, available in a range of styles to match any plans, budgets and interests.


Japan and Japanese culture are hot topics worldwide these days. From centuries-old artistic traditions like noh and kabuki to the cutting edge influences on global pop culture of anime and manga, Japan offers so much that is unique. Tourists are also attracted by Japan’s natural beauty and historical legacy, with an ever growing number of World Heritage sites. Japan used to be considered expensive to visit, but this is a thing of the past. Today, it offers great value ? you can easily find excellent lunches for around US$10 and interesting souvenirs in \100 bargain stores where everything is less than US$1.


Each of Japan’s distinctive regions has the facilities and infrastructure to host any kind of international conference or event. These are backed by a network of experienced convention bureaus and professional congress organizers. Destination management companies are able to handle all kinds of corporate incentive tours